"As a cancer survivor, I have embraced the healthy lifestyle of Ayurveda. I use ghee, a staple in Ayurvedic cooking, for its nutritional and healing benefits." - Kaitlin Eppinger ~Teacher, foodie and farming enthusiast

"Farm to Gold Ghee is the one item in my pantry that I can’t live without.  I use it everyday!" - Barbara Deindorfer, M.D. ~Physician and passionate gardener

"I always start my day off with Ghee for mental clarity and vitality! It goes in my coffee, on my toast and on my eggs." - Coral Brown ~Yoga Teacher Trainer and world wide retreat leader

"Farm to Gold Ghee is the perfect ingredient to enhance the flavors of seasonally inspired cuisine." - Jake Rojas ~Celebrated farm to table chef and Owner of Tallulah on Thames

What is Ghee?

What is

Nature's nourishing gift for delicious and healthy cooking.
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Explore Ayurveda


The Ancient secrets
to a balanced life.
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About The Farm

The Farm

Happy Cows
on Grass.
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Ghee-Made Products


The foundation for all of our Ayurvedic lifestyle products.
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