Farm to Gold Pulling Oil Mouthwash

Ayurvedic Oil Pulling

By Hannah Welch / January 5, 2016

It seems Ayurveda has a natural approach to treating just about everything, including oral health. One of its’ effective oral care systems is oil pulling. Unlike today’s mouthwash, which includes harsh chemicals, oil pulling consists of swishing oil around in the mouth to “pull” out impurities. The best oils you can use for this method are sesame oil, coconut oil, and ghee. Oil pulling is said to help reduce plaque, bad breath, and whiten teeth, much like modern day mouthwash. However this ancient therapy has benefits that go far beyond those. A reason for this is that oils are lipophilic, meaning that they attract other oils. So instead of stripping your teeth bare with the chemical fluoride, oil pulling naturally pulls the toxic fat molecules, or ama, along with bad breath bacteria, heavy metals, S.mutans (a germ) and other germs out of the mouth, providing stronger, healthier oral health.
Several benefits of oil pulling appear in the Caraka Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic text book dating back at least 3,000 years. It informs us that oil pulling strengthens the teeth, jaws and voice, and lessens dryness of the throat and lips. Oil pulling has shown to lessen teeth sensitivity, strengthen roots, and whiten the teeth, which provides harder, durable, better looking teeth. According many reputable Ayurvedic practitioners, overall oral health, including the gums, teeth, mouth, and tongue have been scientifically proven to improve with oil pulling. Not only does it act on plaque and as a natural oral cleaning agent, but oil pulling can help reduce fungal overgrowth and is even linked to detoxifying the lymph nodes and other internal organs which aid them in functioning properly. It seems that the benefits of oil pulling may go far beyond healthy teeth and gums and although oil pulling is as ancient as can be, it is finally emerging here in the West and is finding its place in many daily routines.
To receive the benefits of this ancient mouthwash, begin with scraping your toungue. This is one of the very basic (and beneficial) daily Ayurvedic health practices that improves overall oral and digestive health. This is done every morning to remove ama, the coating on the tongue that contributes to bad breath and is the first step to a healthier you. Next, scoop approximately one half tablespoon of oil into your mouth and gently swish it around. Be careful not to swish too aggressively or you can tire out your cheeks! The oil can be pulled through the teeth for anywhere from 4-20 minutes. Keeping the oil in your mouth for this long can be a bit awkward and difficult at first, so many will start with just a few minutes in the beginning and progressively work their way up to 10-20 minutes. When you put the oil in your mouth, if it is not already in a liquid state it will melt into a warm liquid and thin out with your saliva. As the lipids in the oil draw out toxins in the mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue, the consistency will begin to thicken and become frothy. Once this has happened, you should spit the oil out in the trash, as it could clog the drain when it solidifies if spat down the drain. Then rinse your mouth with warm water and then brush your teeth as usual. To receive the full benefits of oil pulling this process can be done daily, but even just a few times a week can be beneficial.
For Farm to Gold’s Mouthwash, we start with Farm to Gold Ghee made with the highest quality grass-fed butter, and then infuse the ghee with enriching Ayurvedic herbs and peppermint essential oil. Instead of limiting the mouthwash to the benefits of one oil, Farm to Gold combines pure ghee with coconut oil for its antibacterial properties and sesame oil, the traditional oil used for pulling, in order to receive the benefits of all three oils. Why use harsh, artificial chemicals to do a job that a natural toxin pulling cleansing can do with added benefits? Try this pure, detoxifying Ayurvedic technique in your morning routine and allow yourself to admire the fruitful benefits and feel the rich, natural ingredients of Farm to Gold’s  Mouthwash connect with and improve your body.