Ghee-made Products

Farm to Gold Ghee


An ancient Ayurvedic staple in cooking and medicine, is a healthy cooking oil or spread made from pure grass-fed butter. Ghee can be used anywhere you would use oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil, or in place of butter. It is fantastic for frying eggs, cooking greens, sautéing or roasting veggies, searing and grilling meat or even popping popcorn! Because it is such a nourishing oil, it is healing for both the mind and the digestive system.

Artisanal grass-fed ghee. Shelf stable, lactose, and casein-free.

$12.00 (8 oz.)
$18.00 (16 oz.)
$30.00 (32 oz.)
Farm to Gold Nasya

Clarity Nasya

An herb-infused nasal oil to support the overall health of the entire head region, including the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, as well as promoting balance in the nervous system. This nourishing formula of ghee, sesame oil, brahmi, calamus, rose, and eucalyptus, promotes mental clarity, focus and stability of the mind. Use nasya daily after using a neti pot as a part of your Ayurvedic routines. To learn more about this practice, click here.

Price: $12.00
Farm to Gold Pulling Oil Mouthwash

Oil Pulling Mouthwash

Oil pulling is an Ancient Ayurvedic oral health technique said to strengthen and whiten teeth, fortify gums, reduce occasional bad breath, help prevent tooth decay, reduce plaque, and alleviate numerous other health conditions. Ayurveda suggests that this oil pulling therapy thoroughly cleanses the teeth, gums, and tongue as well as detoxifies the entire system by removing unwanted bacteria and toxins. Use this herb-infused ghee, sesame oil, and coconut oil along with essential oils daily as part of your Ayurvedic health routines.

Price: $15.00